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Night train to Anyang

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Night train to Anyang


(Soprano and piano) 5'

Commissioning note

Night train to Anyang was commissioned by and written for Jenny Wollerman. With thanks to Nina Mingya Powles for permission to set her poem, "Night train to Anyang."

Programme note

Night train to Anyang

light changes as we cross into neon clouds

voices flicker through the moving dark

like dream murmurs moving through the body

red and silver 汉字 glow from building tops

floating words I can’t read rising into bluest air

they say there are mountains here but I can’t see them

there are only dream mountains high above the cloudline

I come from a place full of mountains and volcanoes

I often say when people ask about home

when I shut my eyes I see a ring of flames

and volcanoes erupting somewhere far away

when I open my eyes snow is falling like ash

Nina Mingya Powles, Magnolia 木蘭 (Seraph Press, 2020)

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