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Image by Pablo Heimplatz


I'm a composer and I live in Princeton, New Jersey. I grew up in New Zealand and my childhood bedroom in Hamilton was occupied before me by Richard O'Brien (who wrote the Rocky Horror Picture Show). I hope I get to meet him one day.

Along with Shelley Washington and Maria Kaoutzani, I'm co-founder of Kinds of Kings, a composer collective focused on amplifying under-heard voices.

Before moving to the US I worked in arts administration and project management for almost a decade. I've lived in Austria, England, France, and Japan. In addition to my music degrees, I also have a degree in English Literature, and any time I get to interact with writers and theatre people I find myself in my happy place. I write for I Care if You Listen and I'm trying to wean myself off Twitter. Once upon a time I studied industrial design, and I mostly use the skills I learned to do graphic design. 

What I'm up to

I'm working on a new marimba solo for percussionist Claire Edwardes, a piece for Orchestra Wellington and Arohanui Strings, a mixed percussion solo for Megan Arns, and I'm also finishing my PhD at Princeton University.

If you are Richard O'Brien or just want to get in touch, email me

You can find my formal biography for programmes and things here.

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