I'm a composer and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up in New Zealand and my childhood bedroom in Hamilton was occupied before me by Richard O'Brien (who wrote the Rocky Horror Picture Show). I hope I get to meet him one day.

Along with Shelley Washington and Maria Kaoutzani, I'm co-founder of Kinds of Kings, a composer collective focused on amplifying under-heard voices and producing immersive and transporting new music shows. Kinds of Kings was an artist-in-residence at National Sawdust in 2019-2020 with our season, Equilibrium and Disturbance. 

Before moving to the US I worked in arts administration and project management for almost a decade. I've lived in Austria, England, France, and Japan. In addition to my music degrees, I also have a degree in English Literature, and any time I get to interact with writers and theatre people I find myself in my happy place. I write for I Care if You Listen and I'm trying to wean myself off Twitter. Once upon a time I studied industrial design, and I mostly use the skills I learned to do graphic design. 

What I'm up to

I'm currently in Wellington, New Zealand, and I'm working on a big piece for Grammy winners Third Coast Percussion, a concerto with Kinds of Kings for Eighth Blackbird and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, a piece for ~Nois, a piece for clarinettist Kathryn Vetter, and an opera with the phenomenal Berlin-based Kiwi writer Alice Miller and director Benita de Wit. I'm also a PhD candidate at Princeton University.

If you are Richard O'Brien or just want to get in touch, email me

You can find my formal biography for programmes and things here.