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Death Wish for percussion quartet / two marimbas (hard copies - score and parts)

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Death Wish (percussion quartet for two marimbas) 7'

Programme Note

I wrote Death Wish after watching a short film featuring New Zealand survivors of sexual assault. One of the survivors, Hinewirangi Kohu-Morgan, spoke about the out-of-control spiralling of her life for many years and how she developed what she called a death wish. In the piece I thought about the spooling and unspooling of energy and how we are all bound and driven by forces both within and beyond ourselves. With the greatest of respect for Hinewirangi Kohu-Morgan who has used her life to create art and music and to help survivors of abuse and those who have perpetrated abuse. Me he manawā tītī, me tōhona hirika. Aroha nui.

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