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All Corners of this Floating World, Swept for percussion trio (hard copies - score and parts)

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all corners of this floating world, swept (percussion trio) 9'

Programme note

The influence of Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, and Malian rhythms is central to this work for three percussionists. Set in six interlinked movements, the work combines interpretations of ancient rhythmic patterns with aggressive bursts of energy and extended playing techniques.

Unpitched South American percussion instruments and Chinese drums interplay with western, pitched percussion as the work moves through contrasting energetic rhythmic sections into eerie and suspenseful passages.

Complex arrays of cross-rhythms give way to almost motionless passages of uneasiness. The uneasiness is extended by a shifting tonal centre.

The title of the piece is taken from the final line of the haiku Year's End, by the Japanese poet Basho.

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