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Image by Jeremy Zero

in a snowstorm of moths


(Solo violin & live electronic processing and responsive projections) 8'30

Programme note

Lullabies are private songs between mothers and babies, yet in every culture there are well-known, enduring lullabies that are shared generation after generation, some for hundreds of years. There is a darkness to many lullabies — with their mournful melodies and macabre lyrics — and a shared understanding between women, perhaps, that in this private space it is possible to speak of the unspeakable; "to sing the unsung".


For Finn, with love.

Electronic setup

You will need:

  • Laptop with Max MSP version 7.0.6 set up on stage for you to see (more recent versions of Max MSP won't work). Download this version of Max here:

  • Max project files for In A Snowstorm of Moths

  • Audio interface

  • USB MIDI foot controller with two buttons (electronic piano expression/sustain pedals won't work)

  • Directional microphone, mic cable, and mic stand

  • Audio cable to send the processed signal from the USB audio interface to the mixing desk

  • Mixing desk

  • Four speakers (left, right, front and back) or two stereo speakers if four are unavailable

  • Screen and HDMI connection for the projections

  • Projector

Gemma Peacocke - In A Snowstorm of Moths
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