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Image by Blessing Daniel



(Tenor saxophone & electronics) 9'08

commissioning note


Written for Kacie Brown and a consortium of saxophonists organised by the inaugural Elise Hall Competition for Emerging Saxophonists and Sarah Hetrick, lead commissioner.

Programme note

"Imbrium" is a Latin word for "rain showers". This is the first in a series called "The Canticles"; all pieces dedicated to female mystics.

Electronic setup

You will need:


To play the fixed electronics


  • A laptop with free QLab software (there is currently no tablet/iPad version of QLab)

  • A MIDI foot controller and cable to connect it to the laptop (an electronic piano expression/sustain pedal won't work)

  • Stereo speakers and mixing desk

  • Audio interface and cables from laptop to mixing desk

For amplification (required)


  • A directional microphone

  • A microphone stand

  • An XLR cable connecting the microphone to the mixing desk

  • Speakers

Imbrium - a piece by composer Gemma Peacocke
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