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Image by Samara Doole

as bright and cold as glass


(String quartet & fixed electronics) 12'

Commissioning note

Commissioned and premiered by PUBLIQuartet

Programme note

In the developed world we have the privilege of taking for granted free access to water.


In many poor societies, however, it is the role of women and girls to seek and collect water, and they often face a choice between work that is hard, time-consuming, and dangerous, or finding money to pay for clean drinking water.


As Bright and Cold as Glass explores the role of water as a literal and figurative life stream, and a liminal space separating the rich from the poor.

electronic setup

To play the fixed electronics


  • A laptop or device to play the audio track and click track

  • Ear pieces for the click track

  • Stereo speakers and mixing desk

  • Audio interface and cables from laptop to mixing desk


For amplification (required)


  • Directional microphones

  • Microphone stands

  • XLR cables connecting the microphones to the mixing desk

  • Speakers

Gemma Peacocke - As Bright and Cold as G
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